A Ford plant has selected the inline AutoCal system to monitor and recover their Tool Center Point and Zero Position Mastering.

The AutoCal system has been selected by a Ford plant as a Tool Center Point (TCP) and Zero Position Mastering monitoring/recovery device for all their process intensive robots. 

The AutoCal System is an inline robot calibration device designed to quickly and automatically garantee the performance of robotic equipment.  The AutoCal system is utilized to obtain a reference measurement when the robot-cell is operational.  It then monitors the robot-cell for any change in TCP position and automatically recovers the robot - in case of a robot crash/motor replacement, or in case of an end-effector replacement.  The robot-cell will be recovered to the robots level of repeatability, thus eliminating "manual touchups" of robot programs after a crash/motor replacement and hence maintaining high productivity.

Dynalog specializes in Robot Calibration Solutions that enable High-Precision Robotic Applications, such as Robotic Flexible Measurement Systems (FMS), Robotic Drilling and Routing systems for Aerospace manufacturing, etc.  The tight tolerences required in these applications are achieved through the use of technologies and tools provided by Dynalog, including Absolute Accuracy in order to maximize the robot's positional accuracy, as well as Relative Accuracy (a.k.a. Temperature Compensation) in order to maintain a robot's repeatability over time.

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