Dynalog participated in Difacto's Robotica 2012 an in house Industrial and Automation show, which was hosted from May 10 2012 to May12 2012, at Difacto's facility in Bangalore, India. Robotica 2012, was organized to practically demonstrate state-of-the-art technology developments in the field of Robotics and Automation. Two Dynalog products, the DynaCal robot-cell calibration system, and the AutoCal (TCP + robot) recovery system, were on display.
The DynaCal Solution: The spot welding robot-cell was measured using a FARO tracker. The DynaCal solution then mathematically analyzed the CAD data coming from the Cimstation simulation environment on one side, and the actual measurements obtained with the FARO laser tracker on the other side. From that comparison, a so-called "filter" was automatically produced allowing any robot program generated from CAD to be downloaded straight to the actual plant floor with no manual intervention!
The AutoCal Solution: A reference measurement of the arc-weld robot cell was acquired initially using the AutoCal sensor. The arc-weld tip was then bumped to simulate a tool crash. The AutoCal system detected the change in tool center point (TCP) and automatically corrected the robot controller TCP in less than 20 seconds. The AutoCal solution eliminates wasted time in re-teaching robot programs after a tool/robot crash and maintains the production quality.
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