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     Robot Calibration System
The DynaCal system delivers the highest possibly Absolute Accuracy for your complete robot-cell, closing the metrological chain between the robot, its end-effector, the fixture it's operating on (optionally the external axes and/or positioner as well)...[more about Robot Calibration...]
     Temperature Compensation &
     TCP/Mastering Recovery System

In addition to AutoCal system functionalities, the AccuBeam system can also detect and correct for any temperature-induced robot drift, whether resulting from ambient temperature or from motor self-heating...[more about Robot Temperature Compensation...]

     In-line Robot/TCP Recovery System

The roPOD system continuously monitors the robot and its TCP, throughout production, for any possible positional changes resulting from 'wear and tear', from a 'crash', following the replacement of a robot component...[more about TCP Calibration...]

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