We enjoy hearing from our customers.
Here is what a few of our customers have to say about Dynalog's products:

"Ford evaluated several products based on different technologies (Laser Tracker, OptoMechanical, Photogrammetry, etc.) offered by various companies, as well as your own DynaCal System.  After our investigation, we concluded that the Dynalog DynaCal Robot Cell Calibration System provided the most complete solution at the best price.  For these reasons, Ford selected DynaCal as its worldwide standard robot cell calibration system."
A.B., Ford Motor Company

"We are very impressed with the capabilities of the Dynalog calibration system."
R.S., ABB Flexible Automation GmbH

"We investigated and experimented with several different calibration solutions, both in the USA as well as in Europe.  We came to the conclusion that Dynalog's robot calibration solution provided the level of performance, and functionality we required to offer the highest performance FMS available on the market."
M.H., Perceptron

"We are very satisfied with the robot calibration and cell alignment provided by Dynalog."
J.A., General Electric Power Generation

"KUKA staff in Augsburg have used the 3D CompuGauge™ System for both RIA and ISO robot performance testing as well as for general measurement purposes, and we are extremely satisfied with the system's capabilities."
G.R., KUKA Roboter GmbH

"Dynalog offers the ability to reduce production interruption and yet achieve first-time, "no touch up" capability for downloading robot programs created from simulation."
B.C., Ford Motor Company

"Companies that supply your level of customer support and prompt service and assistance are very far and few between, and we truly believe that the products and services that you supplied were the key to the success of our project."
A.J.M., Dumur Industries

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